Here are some of the films that our team has created. If you like what you see, and have a project in mind, get in touch!

Short form storytelling:

We have partnered with AWR to create some of their mission spotlight videos showing the impact that they are making around the world. These are some of our favorites!



Here are a few missions short films that we have created for ASAP Ministries, Highlighting the work that they have been doing overseas. Our team has launched a new film for them every week for nearly 5 years now.



Short Ads and Commercials

Andrews University Architecture Department Ad series:

GYC Promo Film Columbus Ohio:

Wedding Films

Abby and Jonnathan 


Joshua & Kelli

Full Length Ceremony

Josias & Jennifer

Full Length Ceremony




A feature length documentary on the protestant Reformation, and how the bible transformed society.

Watch the film at

Music Videos

This is a music video that we filmed on the texas coast with the Advent Herald Singers. 

Nature Short Films

The Beauty of Spring



Set On Fire Book - Promo film

Health Fair Report

My Language My Life card - Promo Film

Our Two Cents Promo

Homestreet Dental Promo

Event Production

Unlock Revelation

Set On Fire Series

"I Can Go In" INFR Youth Chorale